There are no barriers for helping our own children in the middle-east. In recent years, we have sent funds to Syrian Orthodox organizations in Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and jerusalem.


All donations collected through-out the year get distributed in its entirety to the schools and orphanages in our churches in the middle-east. No part of your donation ever goes to fundraisers and no member of our organization is ever paid or compensated for their time or work. 100% of your contribution is used to benefit needy children.

In recent years, we participated in helping the following organizations:


TMS-Beirut – Lebanon

Al-Atshaneh – Lebanon

Hassake – Jazeerah

St Mark’s Monastery – Jerusalem

Homs Orphanage – Syria

Mor Gabriel – Turkey

Mor Yakup – Turkey

St Malke – Turkey

Zahle – Lebanon

St Aphraim School – Bethlehem

St Georges School – Aleppo