Homs Orphanage – Homs, Syria

The Homs Orphanage is maintained and run by a Board of Directors and belongs to the Syrian Orthodox Archdiocese in Homs. •The facility is home for 20+ children along with 4 college students. They all attend State schools.
•All children are Syrian Orthodox kids
•The Orphanage pays for the room and board of the Orphans as well as tuition for the college students.
•The facility has 4 floors and a basement. Basement for Kitchen and Dining. 1st floor for offices and Hall. 2nd floor is girls’ dorms. The 3rd floor is the boy’s dorms while the 4th floor is the small gymnasium and game room.
•In addition, the Orphanage helps students whose families are either widows or handicapped
In total, 100+ families are being helped by the Beneficial Society in Homs.

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