TMS – Lebanon

TMS stands for Tarraki Madrashto Suryoyto in the Syriac language. This is an educational institution that provides education to the poor and needy sector of our syriac community children. It is the only school in Lebanon that teaches the language of the Lord, Jesus Christ: The Syriac Language
•The school has more than 300 students and over 200 need help paying their tuition.
•Due to the continuous troubled events in Lebanon, the school is limited to the nineth grade with 305 students in total (2007).
•The premises are formed of a 5-story building on a 1,146 square meters plot. (owner being Assyrian Orphanage and School Association of America). Only one classroom by grade, from kindergarten to baccalaureate (equivalent to freshman high school).
•Their future success depends on their access to education.
•The children are taught \”Syriac\” the language of our Lord, Jesus Christ. By keeping Syriac alive, they preserve and safeguard our culture and provide our churches with priests, deacons, \”shamoshe\”, etc..
•The children attend mass in the TMS Schhol’s church, besides the acquisition of religious education during the week. Thus, TMS helps in building the good Lebanese Christian Citizens

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