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Assyrian Orphanage and School Association of America

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During the massacre of Christians by the Turkish government in 1895, many Assyrians fled Diarbecker for the freedom of the United states of America. After having lived in this country for a period of four years and seeing the progress of educated people and realizing the advantages of an education, to the average individual, a group of six men met on October 8, 1899 at Sterling, N. J. and discussed the advisability of forming an organization to further the advantages of education to the masses of Assyrian people. It was then that the Assyrian National School Association came- into existence with the avowed purposes of forming a school in Diarbecker when finances permitted. The six charter members started the organization with an initiation fee of one dollar and weekly dues of five cents.

By 1908 there were three separate units of this organization in existence. Realizing the advantages of united and organized effort, the three organizations formed an executive body to transact the important business of the National organization. This National Executive Body was formed by the election of two delegates from each of the three units then operating.

The Executive body convened and discussed the advisability of forming a National Constitution and By-laws to be observed by the three units then operating also any other units which might come into existence in future years. It was then that the present Constitution and By-Laws were drawn up and offered to the three existing branches for adoption. The Laws were approved and subsequently adopted and the organization bas been operating under these rules ever since.

In 1914 after the World War started and the Turkish government drove all Christians out of Diarbecker, Mesopotamia and Asia Minor and those of our Assyrian people who were not killed, were driven from their homes and scattered far and wide. Many children were left orphans and drifting about without the advantages of some definite organized Assyrian charitable institution, and thus were being lost to our people by being absorbed by homes of other nations. Homes and properties were also destroyed and churches and other public buildings desecrated and destroyed. The Executive Committee convened and discussed the advisability of changing the original purpose of the organization, which was the furthering of Assyrian education in Diarbecker to the furthering of Assyrian education in any large community of Assyrian inhabitants in Beirut, Mosul, Jerusalem and Syria.

Current Board

Riyad Rachko, President
Peter Nakkash, Vice President
Nader Minas, Treasurer
Roy Asfar, Recording Secretary
Amine Minas 
Sonia Abdallah
Biniamin Alpar

Hekmat Rachko
Cuskun Tasci

Sam Alloos 
Ramzi Shammoun 

Honorary members:
Joseph Shahin
Benjamin Malki
Evelyn Redvanly
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