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College Educational Scholarship/Grant

Program Purpose:

The Assyrian Orphanage and School Association of America, Inc.  ( aka “TMS”) Educational Scholarship/ Program exists to offer scholarships and financial assistance to College bound students who are financially in  need, in order to assist them in the pursuit of educational advancement. In addition, the TMS Educational Scholarship will, at its discretion, engage in Outreach Programs that will assist financially needy persons within and outside the United States.

Program Guidelines:

-          Sponsor the education of Individuals in the United States.

-          Program is open to the individuals of the Syriac Orthodox community/faith (see eligibility details)

-          This an annual educational sponsorship where TMS raises funds and allocates to the education of the needy Individuals.

-          The Educational Program Committee to review all applicants and decide who is qualified and eventually win the scholarship.

-          Scholarship is limited to (see eligibility details)

o   The Syriac Orthodox Community

o   Intended purely for the education of its recipient(s)

o   Limit the period for any individual’s funding to a maximum of 4 years

o   Education should be in an accredited College/University/Institution

o   Individual(s) that meet the Needs Requirements

Eligibility/Application / Requirements

Our scholarships are for those who meet the following criteria

-          Individuals from the Syriac Orthodox Community/Faith

o Letter from Bishop/ Priest verifying person faith

-         Grants are awarded to Needy persons

o W2, 1040 or TAX return reviewed by Officers and Board of Directors of the Educational Committee

-          College bound individuals and those seeking advanced degrees may apply for scholarships. 

-          Individuals have to file an application (by July 30 of each year) to be considered for the following school year. 
All applications received after the deadline will not be accepted.

-          Enrolled in a fully accredited institution, have and maintain at least a 3.0 GPA in course work that is relevant to the industry or required of a degree program

-          Enrollment verification: Name of college or institution with a copy of letter of admission or proof of current enrollment
(letter from school or course schedule can also serve as proof of enrollment)

-          Other

o   The scholarships are awarded for one (1) year.

o   Applicants must file a new application for each successive year

o   The method and schedule for processing applications will be determined by the Educational Committee

o   Successful applications will be announced at the time and place designated by the Educational Committee


-          The total amount awarded annually for scholarships shall be determined by the board member and limited to no more than 10 % of the yearly income until reaching a balance of Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000) in the Scholarship Account. Thereafter, the total yearly income may be awarded. Awards of at least Five Hundred Dollars ($500) to each recipient is to be given annually.

-          The Educational Committee will decide on the number, type, and amount of each scholarship and determine the recipient(s).

-          Amounts awarded shall take into consideration the amount available for the number of successful applicant(s).

-          Checks for each scholarship awarded will be paid directly to the college or institution. No checks will be paid to individuals.

How are funds raised for this program/scholarship

-          The funds of the Scholarship Foundation shall be obtained primarily from donations, contribution from family members, friends, corporations and the general public. All funds received must be unconditional.

-          Allocate general funds to this scholarship program (Annually)

-          Allow donations to be specifically targeted for the education program (website and mailings)

-          Raise funds by allowing members of the community to sponsor individuals (optional) i.e. funding for that individual comes directly from a specific donor.

-          Inform the public/mailing-recipients that portion of their donations will be allocated to the College Educational Program 

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