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Revival of the Homs Community

The Assyrian Orphanage and School Association has been helping the Syriac Orthodox Orphanage in Homs, Syria for many years. The Church grounds as well as the Orphanage quarters were destroyed in the civil war. All the Orphans had to be vacated and rushed to neighboring tows to be joined with available families. The Organization has been in constant touch with his Eminence Selwanos Boutros Alnemeh to make sure that our community is afe and that all the children have been sheltered.

The Orphanage kept helping the Homs community during its war ordeal in sending funds to help the Orphans and the community. Now, a majority of the Syriac Orthodox people have returned back toHoms to rebuild including rebuilding the Orphanage. No one knows how long it will take, but the will is there.

Here is a link to a recent posting where His Eminence cut his USA trip short to join his people as Homs was freed from further violence: participant rushes back to Syria flock


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